The 6 "Ps"

Prior  Proper   Planning   Prevents   Poor   Performance!!!!

MTB Consultants Financial Services Inc.

Serving the community....since 1989


Featured Services

Our Advantages

  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Department and company auditing
  • Compliance systems and reporting
  • Accounting IT infrastructure planning
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Loss prevention systems, reporting, and planning
  • Annual reporting

Business Consulting

 We’re there for you when your business needs a fresh set of eyes to uncover hidden potential or shed light on problem areas.

We’re a well-established tax preparation consulting firm with a reputation for innovative and lasting results. We are seasoned in the fields of accounting/auditing, business, and information technology. What separates us from the rest is our experience and commitment to staying current with the ever-changing accounting, business, and IT landscape.

IT Consulting

Our IT admins and consultants can analyze your business’ current accounting network infrastructure and create an IT plan for future growth.

Solutions and implementation

Accounting & Auditing

 Whether you need expert accounting services or a comprehensive audit of your business, we have trained professionals to tackle any situation.

Compliance and reporting